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Epithalon Pre Mixed Peptide 100mg


Scientific research demonstrates a variety of Epithalon benefits. In summary, the following are the health benefits of Epithalon peptide:

  • Increases human longevity and lifespan
  • Prevents diseases associated with ageing, such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer
  • Promotes deeper sleep and improves the health of the skin
  • Muscle cells are strengthened
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Reduces the oxidation of lipids and the formation of reactive oxygen species
  • Strengthens the immune system’s ability to deal with emotional stress
  • Melatonin levels in senior citizens are stabilized

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Epithalon Pre Mixed Peptide Australia

Epitalon (also spelled Epithalon) is a tetrapeptide comprised of 4 amino acids. Derived from Epithalamin (Epithalamine), epithalon is a naturally occurring polypeptide produced by the pineal gland. However, Epitalon’s most critical role and unique primary property is its ability to stimulate telomerase activity in somatic cells. This aids in replicating telomeres, which are the critical “protective parts” of our DNA, resulting in a deceleration of the aging process.

Furthermore, scientific studies have demonstrated that Epithalon pre mixed peptide may have additional significant potential benefits, including cancer prevention and management of age-related diseases, restoration and normalization of melatonin levels, facilitation of deeper sleep, and potent antioxidant properties.

Epithalon pre mixed peptide is an artificially derived peptide that was discovered by Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian scientist. His research substantiated that these research peptides possess anti-ageing properties and robust life extension capabilities.

Its primary mechanism of the pineal gland produced peptide involves boosting the natural production of telomerase, which allows for the replication of DNA, thereby facilitating the growth of new cells and simultaneously rejuvenating older ones. This peptide has the potential to increase life expectancy by preventing age-related illnesses, improving skin health, as well as repairing damaged muscle cells.

The primary function of these research peptides is to enhance the natural production of telomerase, an enzyme that aids in the replication of telomeres, which serve as protective segments of the DNA. This demonstrates how DNA mimics itself to enable cell regeneration and repair.

The aging process is largely attributed to a reduction in telomerase production as we grow older, resulting in diminished cell replication and declining health. Younger individuals naturally generate higher levels of telomerase and longer telomere strands, contributing to better cell health and replication.

Scientific research has highlighted the importance of telomere rejuvenation and telomerase production in combating aging signs. A study conducted on a group of centenarians revealed that the healthiest individuals had the strongest and longest telomeres.

In another research study involving 913 twins, it was observed that those with higher telomerase production appeared to be healthier and younger compared to their twin counterparts.

Epithalon Pre Mixed Peptide Benefits Australia

Anti aging effects of Epithalon:

Research studies shows that mice given Epithalon from three months of age until natural death experienced longer lifespans compared to mice given a placebo. Moreover, epithalon treatment led to a decrease in the frequency of chromosome abnormalities in bone marrow cells of the subjects. Epitalon peptide treatment also demonstrated a preventive side effect on the development of leukemia in mice. Overall, the study’s findings suggest that this peptide exhibits potent anti-ageing effects and is considered safe for long-term use.

Several animal studies and laboratory experiments have revealed the following effects of Epithalon pre mixed peptide including the regulation of cortisol and melatonin production in an aging monkey, assisting in stabilizing cortisol secretion rhythm.
Clinical studies also found the synthetic version of the peptide provided protection of rats’ reproductive systems and correction of impairments in their reproductive systems. One of the other side effects of Epitalon was the preservation of retinal structure in retinitis pigmentosa. And furthermore, the inhibition of colon tumor proliferation in rats.

Skin Effects of Epithalon Australia

Epithalon, also known as Epitalon peptide, not only possesses anti-aging properties but also promotes healthy skin cells.

According to Dr. Khavinson’s research, epithalon demonstrates the ability to activate cells responsible for restoring the extracellular matrix, which plays a vital role in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. The extracellular matrix holds two powerful anti-aging components – collagen and elastin.

While several anti-ageing creams claim to strengthen collagen in the skin, their penetration is limited compared to Epitalon. Epithalon, on the other hand, permeates cells, stimulating the growth and development of fibroblasts that produce essential proteins like collagen. Consequently, the skin regenerates at an accelerated rate.

Moreover, a synthetic version of epithalon also offers benefits in countering the physical effects of aging while providing potential protection against diseases, infections, and improving wound healing. Aged skin tends to be brittle and susceptible to tears, but applying Epitalon can help alleviate these symptoms effectively.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Epitalon Australia

Retinitis pigmentosa is an ocular degenerative disease that leads to the degeneration of the rods in the retina. The rods, a type of receptor responsible for converting light to chemical signals, are impacted by this condition. Research conducted in a clinical trial has demonstrated that Epitalon mitigates the degenerative damage to the retina caused by this disease. Epitalon effectively preserves the structure and function of retinal cells in rats by preventing degeneration. An Australia study that involved both human cells and rats provided evidence suggesting that Epitalon pre mixed peptide, could be a potential treatment for retinitis pigmentosa. However, further research is necessary to substantiate these findings.

Epithalon Can Improve Sleep Australia

Epithalon may have the potential to rectify circadian rhythm regulation, as per certain reports. Circadian rhythms are daily cycles of cognitive, physical, and behavioral changes. These rhythms are primarily influenced by light and darkness, making sleeping at night and being awake during the day an excellent example of light-influenced circadian rhythm. They exist in almost all living organisms – humans, animals, plants, and even microscopic organisms. However, as humans age, their circadian rhythms become disrupted and less prominent due to decreased melatonin secretion.

In a small study of 14 elderly subjects, Epithalon pre mixed peptide, significantly enhanced melatonin production and altered the cycles to resemble those of adolescents, and helped restorative sleep.

Australia Research studies conducted on aging monkeys demonstrated the ability of Epithalon to stimulate evening melatonin secretion and normalize the biological rhythm, indicating significant improvements in sleep. Therefore, supplementing with Epithalon may enhance users’ overall sleep quality and patterns.

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pubmed/12374906

Molecular Formula: C14H22N4O9

Molecular Weight: 390.349

Sequence: H-Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly-O


Epithalon HPLC Certificate

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